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Dear client, we present you with the following Digital Services Terms of Use of Wordine Group Limited trading as It was prepared in accordance with the provision from July 18th 2002 about performing digital services, via the following web domain referred to jointly from now on as “Services”. The following terms of use (referred to from now on as „the Terms of use”) outlines the rules of performing services by Wordine Group Limited digitally in accordance with the provision from July 18th 2002 about performing digital services (referred to from now on as “the Provision”) via internet web domains.



    1. The services provider (Service administrator) is recognized as Wordine Group Limited located under the following address: 86-90 Paul Street London EC2A 4NE registered in The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales under Company number 09557523.

    2. The terms of use is available for viewing on the following web domain: The terms of use isavailable free for the purposes for acquirement, reproduction and lasting possession.

    3. The condition for receiving services by the Service Recipient via the Service is confirmation of having read the Terms of use and accepting them. In an event of signing a contract the Terms of use function as an integral part of the transaction made between The Services Provider and the Services Recipient.

    4. The terminology used in the Terms of Use (in particular terms such as: Services Provider, Services Recipient) correlate to the one in the Provision.



    1. The Services Provider provides the ability to sign a contract by the Services Recipient for the purposes of receiving services form the Services Provider in their business activity – tourism organizer, tourist party organizer or tourist services provider.

    2. The range of services provided by the Services Provider includes purchase of specific services offered by the Services Provider.

    3. Utilizing the Services is possible under the following technical conditions:

    1) Internet accessibility,

    2) WWW domains accessibility, possession of a WWW search engine

    3) Possession of a valid e-mail address,

    4) Ability to receive notifications via e-mail.

    4. The following technology is used by the Service: PHP, JavaScript, Query, cookies. Specific subsections of the Service may require logging in or using SSL encrypted transmission protocols.

    5. The Services Provider utilizes a range of high-tech security measures meant to protect transactions and transmission of data while using the Service (in particular: transaction protection system, personal data protection for the purposes of protecting any data provided by the Services Recipient to the Service)

    6. Sending any information containing disparaging or offensive content, any illegal or purposefully misleading content or any content containing malware meant to disturb the Service’s systems is strictly prohibited.

    7. The Services Provider utilizes personal data provided by the Services Recipient in accordance with the provision from August 29th 1997 about the protection of personal information and for the purposes of using the Service.

    8. The data administrator is recognized as Wordine Group Limited based in London under the following address: 86-90 Paul Street London EC2A 4NE.

    9. Permission to utilize the Services Recipient’s personal data can be revoked at any point via a statement sent to the Services Provider. Revoking permission is tantamount to resignation from using the Service by the Services Recipient, and termination of digitally performed services.



    1. In case of purchasing a service performed by the Services Provider by the Services Recipient via the Service, the Services Recipient is required to:

        1) Give their personal data containing: name and surname, contact details (e-mail address, phone number)

        2) Make payment for the services purchased using their credit/debit card by standard online payment forms . The Services Provider may allow making the payment via bank transfer from the Service’s Recipient’s bank account utilizing internet payment services.

    2. After purchasing the service via the Services, the Services Recipient receives a unique registration code and a confirmation of purchase (Voucher). The Services Recipient also receives an e-mail (sent to the address given by the Services Recipient) confirming the purchase of services or an information about the impossibility of making requested arrangements (reservation annulment) due to lack of vacancies, within 48 hours. In case of reservation annulment the Services Recipient is offered an option of purchasing the service at the earliest possible vacancy. In case of not accepting the offer by the Services Recipient (or the Services Provider not receiving a response within 48 hours), the Services Provider immediately returns the payment fee to the Services Recipient.

    3. The moment of signing the contract for the performance of services by the Services Provider between the Services Recipient and the Services Provider happens after the Services Provider receives the notification of purchase of services, as described in art. 2.

    4. The contract for performing the services digitally is automatically resolved, without the need of any further statements, whenever the Services Recipient is finished using the Service. This automatic resolution of digital services contract has no impact on any contracts signed via the Service between the Services Recipient and the Services Provider (acting in their business activity – tourism organizer, tourist party organizer or tourist services provider).


    1. The Services Recipient is entitled to a complaint concerning the use of the Service.

    2. The Services Recipient is obligated to forward any complaint via e-mail at the e-mail address provided by the Services Provider in the Service, in a way allowing for their identification as the Service Recipient.

    3. The Services Provider is obligated to investigate the complaint within 30 work days of receiving it.

    4. The Services Recipient is informed about the resolution of the complaint via e-mail, sent to the address they used to forward the complaint.


    1. Any information contained in the Service does not constitute the final business transaction in the eyes of Civil Law.

    2. Wordine Group Limited does not take responsibility for any malfunctions of the system not suffered at their own fault, as well as any breaks in Service’s functionality.

    3. Wordine Group Limited holds the copyright to all content publicized on the Service. The Service users may view the information publicized on the service, download it for temporal use and print it, for the purposes of personal use only.

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