Terms of use

Terms and conditions governing the provision of services by electronic means by Wordine Group Limited.

General information:

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 8 paragraph 1 point 1 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of services by electronic means (Journal of Laws no 144, item 1204 with subsequent amendments), Wordine Group  Limited adopts the present terms and conditions governing the provision of services by electronic means, hereinafter referred to as Terms and Conditions, and undertakes to comply with its provisions. 

Terms and conditions specifies the type, scope and conditions of providing services via electronic means by Wordine Group  Limited through the intermediary of the Service, conditions regulating the acquisition of information on the transport products provided by Wordine Group , booking and purchase of a transport-related product.

The Service operator is Wordine Group  Limited.

Any user of the Service who wishes to use the booking system and purchase transport-related products of Wordine Group  Limited available via the Service must accept Terms and Conditions and undertake to abide by the provisions specified therein. The user who proceeds to using the Service has accepted the provisions outlined in Terms and Conditions and confirmed that he/she understands them.

Types and scope of services provided via electronic means:

On the www.quicktransfer.com, website, hereinafter referred to as the "Service", Wordine Group  Limited shall provide users with the opportunity to familiarize themselves, in particular through the use of the search engine, with types of transfers and transport services, as well as the opportunity to send an enquiry concerning the booking of a transfer or transport service. 

The Service shall enable clients to obtain a current calculation, that is to establish the preliminary price of a transfer or transport service.

The Service shall provide clients with the opportunity of booking a transfer or transport service, as well as paying for these services.
When suggesting a transfer,transport service, Wordine Group  Limited specifies in the Service the following necessary information: 

departure place
date of service provision,
time and place of service provision,
number of participants
vehicle type and category
price of the service,
general information concerning the participation in a transfer or other transport sevice.

  1. The provisions of Participation conditions shall apply to bookings and the conclusion of service organisation agreements, as well as service cancellation, booking or agreement modification and the processing of a complaint. The above conditions are outlined on the website of the Service, at www.transferpoland.eu.

Rules governing the use of the Service:

Selection of booking criteria: The User shall select the available services with the use of search engines on the main page of the website, that is www.quicktransfer.com,or in the following tab: Tailor Made.
The User shall specify the following: departure place, destination, number of participants, date, time and place of service provision, vehicle type and other parameters.
Search results, service presentation. The Service shall present all services on the basis of the expectations outlined by the User, as well as the detailed description and prices thereof.
When booking transport service, user specifies the number of standard luggage for 1 person. For excess baggage (in particular: sports equipment, bicycles, large-size items, etc.) Service may charge an additional fee in the amount determined individually. The amount of the additional charges will be presented to the user via email before the service.

Online booking of services:

When booking services, the User shall provide his/her personal data, including:
name and surname,
contact data: address, telephone number and email address. The User shall read and accept the Terms and Conditions of the service, Participation Conditions and grant permission for the use and processing of personal data for the purpose of the booking process.

Available payment methods:

The Service shall allow for the following methods of payment:
credit card payment through the PayPal system,
on-line payment through the PayPal system.

Booking confirmation and agreement conclusion:

Booking and agreement conclusion with the Users of the Service is carried out in the following modes:
online booking,
preliminary booking, i.e. the so-called availability inquiry;
contacting the booking department.

Agreements shall be concluded in a written form or through ticket purchase. Payment for the service (in whole or in part) shall mean that the User has accepted the terms of the agreement and declares that he/she has read Terms and Conditions of the Service and Participation Conditions, and is not required to express his/her consent to the conclusion of the agreement in any other manner.

Additional services:

Information about special deals sent via email.
Users of the Service may provide their email address in order to receive information about special offers. By providing his/her email address, a User of the Service agrees to the receiving, via electronic mail, commercial information as defined in the Act of 18 July 2010 on the provision of services by electronic means, to the email account provided by the User and to any other electronic mail accounts to which correspondence is forwarded from the email account provided by the User as a result of specific settings.

Technical requirements necessary for the use of the Service:

Internet browser Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, Safari 5.1.2 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or higher, with Java Virtual Machine.

Personal data protection and privacy policy:

Wordine Group  Limited with its registered seat in London shall be the administration of the user's personal data.

Users of the Service agree to the processing of their personal data by Wordine Group  Limited for the purposes of providing services by the Service and for marketing purposes.

The provision of personal data shall be voluntary, however necessary for the appropriate provision of services.

In the period of data processing, the person whose data is being processed shall be entitled to access his/her personal information and modify it.
In order to facilitate the use of the service, its managing mechanism shall use the technologies known as cookies - information saved by the server […] on the user's computer. It is not used for the obtention of any information concerning persons who browse through the service or follow their searches. The User can disable cookies in its Internet browser at any time. This may, however, impede the use of the service.
The collected server logs (IP address, IP domain) shall be stored for an indefinite period of time and used for the generation of statistical data facilitating the administration of the service. These summaries have a collective character and do not include elements on the basis of which a person visiting www.quicktransfer.com could be identified. The logs are not disclosed to any third parties not involved in the management of the service.

Final provisions, copyright:

Any information, materials or prices presented on the www.quicktransfer.com website shall not constitute an offer for sale as defined by the provisions of the Civil Code. Wordine Group  Limited shall not be liable for any technically incorrect functioning of the Service that does not depend on Wordine Group  Limited or for any interruptions in the availability of the Service. Wordine Group  Limited shall not be liable for any events that occur during the use of the Service. Wordine Group  Limited wishes to remind about the dangers due to the use of the Internet, such as the possible seizure of information during their tele transmission by unauthorized persons and entities.

The Users of the Service shall not undertake any actions aimed at the transmission of illegal content.
Any additional questions, as well as complaints regarding the use of the Service should be directed to the Service Operator: […] Complaints shall be replied to via electronic mail within 14 days of their receipt. A correct complaint must contain at least data concerning the User lodging the complaint (name, surname, address) and a description of the complaint's object.
Wordine Group  Limited shall be the holder of the copyright for the works published in the Service. The users of the Service are entitled to browse through the information published in the Service, save them in the form of temporary files and print selected pages solely for private purposes.

Any amendments to the Terms and Conditions shall be introduced by Wordine Group  Limited hrough the publication of the new Terms and Conditions on the following website: www.quicktransfer.com.

The amended Terms and Conditions shall take effect upon their publication on the website specified above.